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The Quinteto Emedea began back in 2015. It is the result of the collaboration of five passionate musicians who share a common ambition: to rediscover and explore the music of the great Astor Piazzolla. 

A man of extremes, an insatiable creator, Astor Piazzolla was at the origin of a Revolution by creating the "Tango Nuevo", profoundly renewing the genre and Creating a new music, at the crossroads between Tango, jazz and classical music. 

Considered a musical milestone, the immense body of work of the master of Tango Nuevo, is often unexplored and circumscribed to just a few commonplace standards. Emedea strives to give a new life to the little-known corners of his works, the rarely interpreted repertoire, the hidden gems. Taking as a starting point the repertoire of two different periods of the emblematic "Quinteto Nuevo Tango" (1960-73, 1979-89), Emedea took upon the task to reconstruct the arrangements in their original writing and orchestration form, for which in most cases the sole remains were the studio recordings. 

The quintet undertakes the interpretation of Piazzolla's music to convey all its richness: the elegance of his writing as much as his more primal traits, the novelty of his musical language and its traditional dimension, his aspiration to erudite music and the deep-rooted tradition of Argentine music. 


The Musicians

The members of Emedea are all specialists in Performance Practice and are graduates of the most acclaimed Music Conservatories in Europe, namely the Conservatoire Supérieur de Paris, Trinity College of Music, Codarts (conservatoire) of Rotterdam. They are part of the new generation of tango musicians who perpetuate the genre in its more traditional forms. 

Their activities led them to perform in the great halls of Europe and in Argentina (Auditorium de Radio France, Auditorium de l'Orchestre National de Lyon, Elbphilarmonie Hambourg, Théâtre du Châtelet, La Cigale Paris, Usina del Arte Buenos Aires, Teatro San Martin Buenos Aires… ), and to collaborate with the most important figures of tango: Juan-José Mosalini, Gustavo Beytelmann, William Sabatier, Ramiro Gallo, Victor Villena, Roger Helou, just to name a few.




"El invitado de RFI" par Jordi Batalle

Interview with Lysandre Donoso, Carmela Delgado et Mathias Naon

2 March 2021



Modernisimo - pochette verso.jpg

The Album Modernísimo (2019, Contratiempo/UVMdistribution) offers a new approach to the modernity of Astor Piazzolla, reflected by a wide array of arrangements and compositions rarely played or recorded since the original versions. All the pieces are the result of our transcriptions, the scores of this repertoire having never been published. 

Modernísimo presents 14 finely selected titles: The first emblematic compositions; Dazzling pieces, with Jazz or classical music tones; Great arrangements of Tango standards; Monumental themes, among the composer's most avant-garde ones; Unpublished pages, never recorded. 

Recorded in February 2018 at the Conservatoire de Châtenay-Malabry auditorium

Sound recording: Patrick Muller

Editing: Lysandre Donoso, Mathias Naon

Mixing and mastering: Juanjo Mosalini


Graphics: Philomène Longchamp

Photos: Elsa Broclain

Text: Mathias Naon

(Spanish transl.: Rut Schereiner/Luis Naon; English transl.: Lucas Eubel Frontini)


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Berretín* - Pedro Laurenz

Los mareados* - Juan Carlos Cobián

Contrabajeando* - Astor Piazzolla

Quejas de bandoneón- Juan De Dios Filiberto

A fuego lento - Horacio Salgán

Mal de amores** - Pedro Laurenz

Pobre gallo Bataraz** (vals) - José Ricardo

Amante corazón** (vals) - Domingo Julio Vivas

Corralera** (milonga) - Mariano Mores

Astor Piazzolla :



Lo que vendrá 

Introducción al ángel

Tres minutos con la realidad


Retrato de Alfredo Gobbi 

La mufa


*arrangement : Astor Piazzolla

** arrangement : Horacio Salgán


(Program provided for information only and subject to change)

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