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Passionate about Argentine Tango in its finest and most authentic expressions, Cuarteto Lunares was founded in 2010, driven by the desire to champion a contemporary repertoire of considerable richness. This unique ensemble - violin, cello, bandoneon, double bass - highlights a hybrid formation between chamber music and popular music that defines the group's sound identity.

Their debut album "A Horas Truncas," featuring adaptations by violinist Aurélie Gallois, crystallizes their musical trajectory, mindful of respecting the genre's codes while embracing a distinctly modern language. This first release earned them an invitation to the prestigious program "Génération jeunes interprètes" on France Musique, tours in the Netherlands and Argentina, as well as numerous concerts and festivals in France (Musiques en Vercors, Tarbes festival…).

Today, tango is experiencing a true renaissance in Argentina and Europe; a multitude of composers and arrangers are seeking new paths for this genre that had fallen into obscurity until the early 2000s. Cuarteto Lunares naturally joins this broad movement by evolving its repertoire, working closely with composers engaged in this renewal and spreading Argentine music.


As witnesses and interpreters of this creative surge, the Quartet's repertoire is influenced by a plethora of inspirations: the language of Astor Piazzolla and his indispensable virtuosity, candombe and milonga echoing the African origins of the style, chacarera and zamba transporting listeners to northern Argentina, as well as classical music, jazz, and contemporary music. All these facets find their unity in the ensemble's unique sound.


France Musique 

Géneration jeunes interprètes

Live Concert on France Musique. Interview with Carmela Delgado.

Saturday, March 4, 2017, hosted by Gaëlle Le Gallic.



A horas truncas LD.jpg

This album stems from the foundational approach of the Cuarteto: the discovery and dissemination of the repertoire of the new wave of Argentine tango. Since its inception, the Cuarteto has been performing the works of the most significant contemporary Argentine composers, aiming to render the essence of these compositions through an ensemble formation that had never been explored before. This exciting challenge led Aurélie Gallois to orchestrate the entirety of the repertoire, thus creating the distinct sound of the group. It's the fusion of current repertoire, an ensemble with a unique timbre, coupled with the free and committed interpretation of each musician that shapes the aesthetic signature of Lunares. Enthusiastic about the cultural exchanges engendered by such a project, the Cuarteto engages in a dynamic of valuable musical sharing between two countries united by tango. Throughout your listening experience, you'll encounter the roots of the genre as well as the diverse influences that contribute to the richness of contemporary tango: Piazzolla, Jazz, Classical, Candombe... This album immerses you in an expressive genre that is expanding and firmly innovative.

Recording and Editing: Caspar Falke

Mixing and Mastering: Juanjo Mosalini

Recording Director: Mathias Naon

Recorded in June 2015 at Théâtre DRU, Cultuurfabriek Ulft.

Silvox Records/

Label: Ruta Records

Photos: Elsa Broclain

Graphic Design: Philomène Longchamp


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Rebound Lunares - Leonardo Teruggi

Astornudando - Leonardo Teruggi 

Agosto - Martin Sued

Bulanguera - Sonia Posetti 

in lunares - Leonardo Teruggi 

Líquido 3 - Diego Schissi

Tu pálida voz - Charlo / Arr. : Mathias Naon

Danzas Argentinas - Alberto Ginastera /  Arr: Chloë Pfeiffer 

Coral - Astor Piazzolla 

En penumbras -  Leopoldo Federico 

Primero - Gerardo Di Giusto

Milonga para Luis - Juanjo Mosalini

(Program provided as an indicative guide and subject to change)

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