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"Exhilarating!" - Fip, Laurent Valéro

"They make the tango resonate" - France Musique, Clément Rochefort


Since its inception in 2020, Octetology has achieved notable success, winning the first prize in the "Piazzolla Awards" category at the prestigious international competition in Castelfidardo, Italy. Their performances have graced renowned venues such as Théâtre du Châtelet, FIP concert live Studio at Radio France's 104, Nuits de Nacres, Nuits Musicales d'Uzès, and Générations France Musique Live. Devoted to Astor Piazzolla's iconic and flamboyant Octeto Buenos Aires, these eight musicians skillfully trace the origins of Tango Nuevo, delivering a resolutely modern interpretation. In 2023, their album "Neotango" will be released under the Paraty label, marking the first volume of an anthology dedicated to the Octeto Buenos Aires repertoire.

When Astor Piazzolla left Paris in 1955 to return and settle in Buenos Aires, he was determined to liberate Tango from the monotony it had fallen into by reshaping its codes and traditions through the creation of new music. Gathering some of the most emblematic musicians of the genre, including A. Stampone, L. Federico, and E. Francini, he formed the "Octeto Buenos Aires" as an ephemeral ensemble (1955-1958) that left a profound mark on Buenos Aires' music scene. It stood as one of the composer's most avant-garde experiments. Despite the originality of the project, the performers' virtuosity, and the flamboyant compositions, it did not receive the anticipated recognition from the public and experts. Consequently, Piazzolla abandoned the project, eventually destroying all the scores comprising this immense repertoire.

Through extensive research and reconstruction efforts, Octetology has managed to revive this lost repertoire, which had not been recreated since its disappearance over 60 years ago.


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France music

Generations France Music

Interview and concert live and in public by the Octetology ensemble.

Production: Clement Rochefort; DirectionJean Claude Mullet; Collaboration: Xavier Carrère


February 19, 2022



Pochetteocteto Neotango.jpg

The year is 1955, Astor Piazzolla returns to Buenos Aires after two years spent in Paris. Between the lessons taken with the legendary Nadia Boulanger, the discovery of the Parisian Jazz scene and meeting of artists like Gerry Mulligan, the young Astor is bubbling with inspiration.

Upon his arrival in Argentina, an emancipatory rampage pushes him to break free from the Tango tradition. No more dancers, no more singers, an instrumental tango blurring the frontiers with jazz and classical music. His weapon of choice the Octeto Buenos Aires. This emblematic ensemble crystallizes a turning point in the history of Tango and initiates the emergence of "Tango Nuevo".

The success of the project not being up to his expectations, Astor Piazzolla, famous for his pranks and his provocations, burned all of the scores of the Octeto during a dinner with friends. 

Thanks to an important work of research and transcription, Octetology manages to reconstitute the original arrangements of this long lost repertoire, and contributes to the rebirth of one of the most beautiful pages in the history of Tango.

Today, thanks to an important work of research and transcription, Octetology manages to reconstitute the original arrangements of this lost repertoire, bringing back to life these pages among the most beautiful in the history of Tango.

Piano: Emilie Aridon-Kociołek

Guitar: Adrian Merahi

Bandoneons: Carmela Delgado, Lysandre Donoso

Violins: Aurelie Gallois, Mathias Naon

Cello: Gersende Perini

Double bass: Lucas Eubel Frontini

Transcriptions: Lysandre Donoso, Mathias Naon


Recorded in 2022 at the Edgard Varèse auditorium, Gennevilliers

Label: Paraty

Sound recording and mixing: Jean-Baptiste Brunhes

Sound editing / texts: Mathias Naon

Photos: Elsa Broclain

Thanks :

We dedicate this album to Juan-José Mosalini, without whom we wouldn't be here. We warmly thank Juanjo Mosalini, Philippe Miller, Nathalie Robert, Cédric Tachon, Benjamin Duboc, Jean Luc Thomas, Laurent Valero, Xavier Carrère, Nathalie Joly. To Céline, Corinne, Naïsi, David, Florie, Rut. To the generous people who supported us in this creation.


Tango Ballet - A. Piazzolla

Neotango - L. Federico

Mí refugio - J.C. Cobian

Boedo - J. de Caro

Arrabal - J. Pascual

Marrón Y Azul - A. Piazzolla

A Fuego Lento - H. Salgán

Tierra Querida - J. de Caro

Lo Que Vendrá - A. Piazzolla

El Entrerriano - R. Mendizábal

El Marne - E. Arolas

Taconeando – P. Maffia

Arrangements : A. Piazzolla
(concert duration: 1h to 1h30, program subject to change)

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