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For over 10 years, Carmela Delgado, Emilie Aridon-Kociołek, and Mathias Naon have shared and renewed their collaboration in numerous projects and major tango ensembles. Today, the three of them have the desire to create a minimalist, intimate formation that brings them closest to the keys and strings.

Three instruments – bandoneon, piano, violin – and a meeting grounded in Tango while looking towards new horizons. Moving beyond Buenos Aires, drawing inspiration from all that surrounds them here and there: the vastness of Argentine music like its territory, French chanson, Latin American rhythms, jazz, and more. It's through the pen of the arranging composer Mathias Naon and in the music research laboratories they share that their uniqueness is born today, at the intersection of tradition and exploration.

Transmitting and sharing their tango expertise with all audiences is a fundamental ambition of the ensemble. With their pedagogical experience, they offer several performances in this regard: discovery concerts from the youngest ages, master classes in conservatories, and public music lectures.

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