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Ana Karina Rossi is an acclaimed singer, interpreter, and author in the international tango scene. She has collaborated with major figures of the genre, including Horacio Ferrer, the renowned poet of Astor Piazzolla, and the pianist/composer Gustavo Beytelmann.

Since 2018, she has been a regular collaborator with the Strasbourg Opera and the Ballet National de Rhin. Her notable performances include portraying the title role of "Maria de Buenos Aires" in Astor Piazzolla's eponymous opera in various productions, captivating audiences as a soloist at esteemed venues such as the Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux, the Strasbourg Opera, the Rennes Opera, La Filature de Mulhouse, the Imperial Theatre of Compiègne, the Vichy Opera, Teatro di Ferrara (Italy), and Teatro de Almada (Portugal).

Ana Karina Rossi's rich discography encompasses nearly ten albums, including "Evidencia" (2023), "Voyage" (2020), "Aller retour" (2020), "Sin fronteras" (2014), and "Tango y Gotan" (2011).

With her extensive experience as a tango and jazz performer across various musical and theatrical stages worldwide, she excels as both a producer and artistic director in multidisciplinary and multicultural projects involving dance, fashion, cinema, radio, and television. Additionally, she heads the Contemporary and World Music Vocal Department at the J-B Lully Conservatory in Puteaux.

Born in Uruguay, she has been residing in Paris since 2013.

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Gabriela Fernandez, born in Argentina in 1983, is a renowned tango teacher and performer.

She began her tango career in 2001, frequenting the milongas of Buenos Aires and dancing with the older generations of "milongueros," which allowed her to gain a deep understanding of the traditional style.

Over the years, Gabriela has embraced new styles by learning from eminent creators such as Gustavo Naveira, Gisselle Anne, Chicho Frumboli, and Eugenia Parrilla. She is also part of a new generation of dancers with whom she exchanges knowledge and experiences. Her curiosity and dedication have led her to explore yoga and contemporary dance to enrich her body language. She is now also a certified GYROTONIC method instructor.


Throughout her tango career, Gabriela Fernandez has established significant partnerships, collaborating with various artists and performing worldwide:


In 2006, Gabriela teamed up with Luciano Mares to participate in the Portland International Festival. They also danced in renowned milongas in Buenos Aires, including "El beso," "La nacional," and "La ideal." Their success led them to tour the United States.

In 2008, she took part in the show "Tango Argentique" at the Avignon Festival. She then toured across Europe, participating in shows and demonstrations.

In 2009, Gabriela collaborated with Giggio Giovanni, teaching and performing in Europe. The duo participated in the Odessa International Tango Festival, titled "Tango de Amore."

In 2010, she danced with Juanito Juarez and contributed to choreographing the show "Les portes du Ciel," directed by Oscar Sisto and featuring the famous Finnish singer Anelli Sari. They also took part in the "Buenos Aires tango show" at the Domo Musical in Moscow with the Solo Tango orchestra. Their tour took them to Southeast Asia, where they taught and performed in Bali, Bangkok, Jakarta, and Singapore.

In 2012, Gabriela met Albano Goldenberg, with whom she traveled across Europe and worked in France, including participating in the renowned "milonguettes" event in Albi. She also conducts special seminars in Paris and performs in milongas. Their collaboration also took them on tours to Germany and the United Kingdom.

Since 2014, she has been teaching regularly at the "El colectivo Tango" school in Hanover (

In 2017, she took part in the show "Alma Tango," where she danced with Jorge Rodriguez to the music of the Juan Jose Mosalini quartet, accompanied by the voice of Sandra Rumolino.


Since 2021, she has been based in Paris and has formed a dance partnership with John Zabala. Together, they teach, perform at events and shows, and run a milonga in Paris. Gabriela continues to contribute to the tango scene as a performer, teacher, DJ, and ambassador of this passionate dance.



Recognized couple of dancers and teachers from Buenos Aires based in Paris, Rodrigo Rufino and Gisela Passi have developed an authentic dance and their own pedagogy to convey the intricacies of traditional tango from Buenos Aires.


Their long history as a couple keeps them united – Rodrigo and Gisela have been friends for over 20 years and tango partners for 15 years. They have danced and taught tango, notably in France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Latvia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, the United States, Lebanon, China, and Argentina.


A rare gem in the tango world, Rodrigo has been dancing since he was a child and belongs to a golden generation; he experienced the splendor of the milongas of the '90s at a young age, surrounded by milongueros. He gave his first demonstration at 14 and embarked on his first professional tour to Japan at 18. He studied the art and technique of tango at a young age under recognized maestros and milongueros such as Rodolfo Cieri, Pepito Avellaneda, Miguel Angel Zotto, and Nito García. After performing in legendary milongas in Buenos Aires (Sunderland, Sin Rumbo, Almagro, Akarense, Glorias Argentinas, among others) and participating in numerous international shows with his sister Rebeca, Rodrigo launched a professional project in Paris. He combined his strong tango convictions, personal style, and experience with Gisela Passi's pedagogical and artistic qualities.

Gisela discovered tango with Rodrigo at the age of 16. She took classes in her neighborhood in the suburbs of Buenos Aires and then danced socially during her university studies. She decided to fully dedicate herself to tango after obtaining her degree.


Their teaching has always been centered around the popular culture of tango, musical culture, values, and traditions of tango as both a dance and a social phenomenon. Rodrigo and Gisela devote their lives to the tango and milonga passion. One of their primary motivations in teaching is to enrich the milonga with skillful milongueros.

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